With this dumbbell shape beer glass, aptly called Dumbbell Beer Glass, the next time anyone asks “Bro, do you lift?” You can smile with confidence and answer “yes, I do” but, “I lift differently.” You won’t be lying, except that you’d lifting 24 oz of beer that goes weighs lesser fairer quickly (and possibly packing your tummy with a single pack, instead of six pack, over time. If you have to know that this drinkware isn’t going to replace your actual dumbbell.

Bigmouth Inc Dumbbell Beer Glass

It is open top (like, duh, it is a mug!) and so, if you try to lift it horizontally like you should we a real weight, you are going to spill precious crisp, golden alcoholic beverage and possibly, get nagged by your partner for being this, well, ‘dumb’. Speaking of dumb… I see a little problem with this novelty mug. No. Not the cheeky wordings that said “Yes, I Do Workout… Lifting Beer,” but the odd shape kind of make it difficult to clean.

Bigmouth Inc Dumbbell Beer Glass

I’d say this mug is good for beverages that do not stain (namely beers). Although technically, you can put any kind liquid in it. Just a thought there, so don’t mind me. My take is, Dumbbell Beer Glass will make for a fun gift, but don’t trust it to get you pumped. You can find Dumbbell Beer Glass over at Amazon going for just $14.99 a pop.

Bigmouth Inc Dumbbell Beer Glass

Images: Bigmouth Inc.

Source: The Gadgeteer.

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