This Lighter-Than-iPhone Japanese Umbrella Is Like The Porsche Of Umbrellas

Folding umbrella. The pain of folding it is very real and so is its impact on the umbrella. It is said that the number of umbrellas ditched each year is enough to build 25 Eiffel Towers. 25! If you do not want to be part of umbrellas of Eiffel Towers, then perhaps you want to […]

The Umbrella With Auto-inspired Suspension System Gets An Update

Collapsible umbrella is possibly one of the greatest inventions in mankind’s history. It is not without its flaws, though. Due to the size, it is frail and it tends to flip inside out when assaulted by updrafts. In 2015, a Canadian startup solved this nagging issue by engineering a suspension system inspired by automotive that […]

Bizarre Louis Vuitton Backpack Umbrella Hybrid Sold For $1,875

With the exception of Balenciaga, ‘bizarre’ is not synonymous with most fashion labels. However, there will come a time even the most mainstream design house will turn out some rather goofy product, such as this backpack umbrella hybrid from Louis Vuitton’s limited edition 1996 “Shopping in the Rain” collection. It apparently did not end up […]

Automotive-inspired Suspension System Prevents This High-tech Umbrella From Flipping Inside Out

If you live in a region where umbrella is part and parcel of your life, you will want one that last. Just think about how many umbrellas you have ditched because they failed you. This is where Cypress Umbrella by Vancouver-based startup Hedgehog Products wants to make a difference: it wants to be the last […]

This Brilliant Concept Umbrella Bids Farewell to Stolen Umbrellas

Count the objects you have lost in life so far and I am sure umbrella ranks high up in the list. I don’t have this problem, though. Mainly because I carry a foldable that slips in my messenger, but for everyone else who opt for a full size brolly, the odds of it mysteriously disappear […]

This Umbrella with High-Tech Fabric Can Block 99% of the Harmful UV Rays

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, there will be an estimated 73,870 new cases of melanoma, a type of skin cancer, diagnosed in 2015 and for men who shun umbrellas, you’d piss your pants knowing that 60 percent of those will be men. The number is probably derived from the fact that most men don’t […]

KAZbrella Opens Inside Out, Wants You to Bid Farewell to Wet Floor

Since the invention of steel-ribbed umbrella over two hundred years ago, it has not change a lot. The umbrella is still the umbrella you and I know; it opens out and upward, forming a dome that shields us from the rain. It works just fine, though not without a couple of irksome issues: it drips […]