Hedgehog Gen 2 Carbon Umbrellas

Collapsible umbrella is possibly one of the greatest inventions in mankind’s history. It is not without its flaws, though. Due to the size, it is frail and it tends to flip inside out when assaulted by updrafts. In 2015, a Canadian startup solved this nagging issue by engineering a suspension system inspired by automotive that allows each rib to flex independently against the frame, thereby allowing trapped air to escape and not put the umbrella under undue stress.

Hedgehog Gen 2 Carbon Umbrellas

If you have no idea what with this automotive-inspired suspension is all about, here’s a piece of info that should bring you up to speed:

“Inspired from the mechanics behind automotive suspension systems, each rib is designed to pivot individually and automatically adjusts itself against chaotic winds. This patent pending mechanism allows each rib to flex independently against the frame to divert all air flow, creating an aerodynamically stable structure even at hurricane category 1 wind speeds. Similar to how a vehicle suspension smooths out the ride from road imperfections, the Hedgehog Umbrella empowers you take on the strongest of winds like a common breeze.”

Hedgehog Gen 2 Carbon Umbrellas

Fast forward to today, Hedgehog Products is not only still on a mission to say-no-to-flipping-umbrellas, but it has given its original Hedgehog Umbrella the carbon fiber treatment. Simply called the Hedgehog Gen 2 Carbon Umbrellas, it inherits all of the original’s features, but not with a carbon fiber frame – another design inspiration drawn straight automotive. Hedgehog did not elaborate more, but it is known that carbon fiber offers strength while remaining lightweight. Each Hedgehog Gen 2 Carbon Umbrella gets an interchangeable 210 thread-count water repellent Pongee fabric.

You can find Hedgehog Gen 2 Carbon Umbrellas on Hedgehog Products’ website in a choice of color options, going for $99 a pop. At the time of this writing, the company is taking 10 bucks off on select colors of its Gen 2 Carbon Umbrellas. Go check it out.

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All images courtesy of Hedgehog Products.

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