What you see here is a bean bag designed in, of all things, the likeness of a sea urchin, but instead dwelling at the bottom of the ocean floor and occasionally being washed up to shore only be eaten by men with the taste for exotic delicacies, it is destined for your bum. Rest assure that this ‘urchin’, aptly called Urchin Bean Bag, here is free of toxin and also, the spikes are completely soft because, bean bag. Duh. It is of leather though, which should give you the luxe feel you expect of a $19,500 chair. What?! Nearly 20 grand for an oversized urchin you can’t eat? Absolutely.

Urchin Leather Bean Bag Large by Blackman Cruz

At this fit-for-art price, you probably won’t want to rest your butt on it. It is an art and should be treated as such. Hmmm, wait. Isn’t sea urchin more roundish than this? Ok, maybe for the sake being a seat it is now oval, else you be just be seating on a yoga ball with non-harmful spikes and so, yes, it is a pricey seat, but hey, if you have the cash to spare, it does make a good conversation starter in one of your many classy party with your high society friends.

It will serve to reinforce you as the arty-farty person because it takes a lot of courage usually only found in true art connoisseurs to plonk that amount on a bean bag. A. Bean. Bag. Let me know if you have acquire one. We want your take on this usual art-furniture.

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Urchin Leather Bean Bag Large by Blackman Cruz

Images: Blackman Cruz.

Blackman Cruz via Geekologie.

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