If you think your job as a patty-flipping worker at your local fast food joint is secure? Think again. Just when you thought burger patty flipping requires the acumen of a human, Miso Robotics show you that its robot, aptly named Flippy, can do just the same and probably, excel in it, because, computer. Flippy is equipped with the dexterity to flip patty and it has cameras which serve as its ‘eyes’ to know the exact location of the individual patties at any given time.

Thanks to the sophisticated sensors, this artificial intelligence driven robot can cook the patties to perfection and place cooked patty on the bun, ready for chef to do the rest of the magic that makes a burger a burger. Ok, good to hear humans are still needed, but not for long cos’ Miso Robotics is ambitious. The company is looking at robotizing other kitchen tasks too (even prepping! Kitchen assistants, watch out!). So, it is high time to upgrade your skill set (like become an engineer, maybe?) to stay relevant cos’ the dawn of robots is almost upon us.

Speaking of which, I am not entirely sure if I am ready for Sonny to be flipping my patty, but as unprepared as I am, it is already happening. Flippy is not even a concept anymore. A California burger chain, CaliBurger, is reportedly planning to have 50 or more Miso Robotics’ patty-flipping robots at their restaurants. The robots are expected to be put into employment (yes, I said ‘employment’ cos’ bots are taking over your job!) over the course of two years. An exciting and yet scary prospect for human race indeed. Take a look at Sonny doing its thing below.

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Image: Miso Robotics.

via Technabob.

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