Young shower head maker, Nebia, has teamed up with veteran bathroom accessories maker, Moen, to bring to the market a new advanced shower system. Appropriately dubbed Nebia by Moen, this so-called “future of showers” boasts 2 times more coverage while saving half the water of standard showers.

What’s more, it does those with power. With regards to saving water, Nebia even has a water saving calculator on its to let compute how much water you will save if you use Nebia shower head. The company even goes as far as to clam that it has saved 120 million gallons of water the birth of Nebia and “are on track to save 1 billion gallons by 2021.” That’s we your help, of course.

So, how does this Nebia by Moen plays out? Well, this product combines Nebia’s expertise in atomization and Moen’s acumen in design. The result is a shower system that is power, water saving and looks super dope.

The Nebia by Moen is offered in three finishes: matte black, spot-resist nickel (which a trademarked Moen finish, btw), and white + chrome. Nebia by Moen advanced shower system starts at just $160 on Kickstarter.

The campaign is well over its funding goal of $150,000. In fact, at the time of this post, it has pulled in nearly $1.5 million in funding from over 6,000 backers. That said, if all goes as planned, backers should be receiving Nebia by Moen sometime in March 2020. Skip ahead for the pitch video to learn more.

Nebia by Moen Advanced Shower System

All images courtesy of Nebia.

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