Some things are just not meant to be square. One example would be mugs. Square mugs have no place in this world. It is just ergonomically flawed. But somehow Paladone managed to take the middle ground with this officially licensed Fender Amp Mug by Paladone. Fender Amp Mug has the straight, rectangular form of the original Fender amp.

Official Fender Amp Mug by Paladone

Now, under normal circumstances, a straight edge would not be easy on the mouth. However, it has clever design feature: a round other half, i.e. the rear of the “guitar amplifier,” and boom! A mug that has a straight edge to show off what it has got to show off (i.e. the original Fender amp) while still letting you drink like a normal person.. well, a normal person who requires an extra dose of whatever beverage because, this thing is super sized.

Official Fender Amp Mug by Paladone

Paladone did not specified how much liquid the mug can hold. However, judging from the grown man hand holding it in one of the product images, it looks pretty damn big. That said, since the rectangular form stretched outwards, away from the leverage point (the handle), it may be a tad unbalanced when filled with beverage. But who cares when it looks this dope right?

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It will be totally worth the strain on your digits (and possibly wrist) as you bring a beverage filled Fender Amp Mug to your mouth to have a sip. IMHO, it is a must-have novelty mug for any guitar shredder, music fan and just about anyone who loathe average looking mugs. You can find the Official Fender Amp Mug by Paladone going for just $14.26 on Amazon.

Official Fender Amp Mug by Paladone
Official Fender Amp Mug by Paladone

Images: Paladone.

Source: Geekologie.

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