Infinity Gauntlet Mug: The Power Of The Universe IS In Your Coffee

You know want the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. You lust after the power this space glove possessed but alas, it isn’t real. Really bites, doesn’t it? Despite it not being real, you can play out your twisted hunger for power with replica of the Infinity Gauntlet that are floating around the market. Wait. Those […]

Squeezable Playstation Controller Takes The Stress Out Of Gaming

Are you guilty of hurling your Playstation DualShock controller across the room for losing a game? Well, if you are, clearly you are a little too stress, but perhaps for the wrong reason. Regardless, a stress is a stress and for that, you will need this: Playstation Stress Controller by Paladone. It is a stress […]

Fender Amp Mug Has A Clever Design That Makes Straight Edge Mug Usable

Some things are just not meant to be square. One example would be mugs. Square mugs have no place in this world. It is just ergonomically flawed. But somehow Paladone managed to take the middle ground with this officially licensed Fender Amp Mug by Paladone. Fender Amp Mug has the straight, rectangular form of the […]

Elephant Straws: Who Says Reusable Straws Cannot Be Cute?

Reusable straw is all the rage these days. There are no lacking options, ranging from the super compact to the super expensive to the chewable. Now, with the Elephant Straws, you can add adorable to the growing list of sustainable straws that will put a smile on Mother Nature and some say, turtles. Elephant Straws […]

Paladone Chainsaw Pizza Cutter

most of us are mouse-clicking, gadget geeks and so, how many times in this life do you get to wield a circular saw, let alone a chainsaw? never, we bet. in fact, you actually can use the latter every other day, assuming that home delivered pizza is the staple of your glued-to-the-computer lifestyle. use the Paladone Chainsaw Pizza Cutter…