Paladone Chainsaw Pizza Cutter

Paladone Chainsaw Pizza Cutter
Paladone Chainsaw Pizza Cutter | US$9.00 |

most of us are mouse-clicking, gadget geeks and so, how many times in this life do you get to wield a circular saw, let alone a chainsaw? never, we bet. in fact, you actually can use the latter every other day, assuming that home delivered pizza is the staple of your glued-to-the-computer lifestyle. use the Paladone Chainsaw Pizza Cutter to do you bidding – that’s slicing up your favorite pizza, if you haven’t got a clue yet – and savor your delicious slice-of-art while making yourself look like Tim the home improvement dude without actually getting your hands all greasy and oily, well, except for those from the sliced pizza. and no, this novel item from Paladone is not powered, it just look like one heck of a (downsized) chainsaw which any responsible adult could wield with ease. seriously, if you really have to slice some pizzas, it would’t hurt to do it in absolutely (novel) style, would it? what’s more? it could be yours to own for just $9. no kidding. click the above image for a larger view.

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