A clean air duct system makes your home more energy-efficient, improves your furnace’s efficiency as well as your indoor air quality. Duct cleaning Toronto has several benefits. It gets rid of dust, allergens and other pollutants found in the air. Some factors that contribute to how regularly you should clean your air duct are pets, people who smoke and living with people who have health conditions like asthma.

Comfort Clean understands how delicate the duct cleaning is and that is why we recommend getting the right people to carry out duct cleaning Toronto in your home. Here are some of the things you need to know before hiring cleaning experts.

Hiring A Duct Cleaner Toronto Personnel

1. The Cost

Some air duct cleaners quote a low price for duct cleaning Toronto project to entice the customers only to do shoddy work. Some of them will not mention the price until they have finished cleaning, and then overprice you. It is essential to ask for the charges before they start working to avoid such inconveniences. Ask them if the quotation is the total amount so that they don’t start offering extras, which should be in the total quoted price.

2. How Long the Company Has Been in Operation

The length of time the company has operated can tell a lot about it, including the experience they have in duct cleaning. Ensure the company you hire has been in operation for a long time to get the best service. Also, please ask for their track record of service from customers. This gives you more confidence in them.

3. References

If they have been in service for a long time, they have references, so ask for them. Do not forget to check for their website and their customer review. This is very important whether they are working in your home or office. Make sure the company you choose has good reviews. Good reviews will give you more trust in them, and you will be comfortable with them being around your property. It is also an assurance that they will do an excellent duct cleaning job.

4. Proof of Liability Insurance

What will happen if the company you hire damages your property? You don’t want to incur cleaning expenses and the expenses of replacing broken property. Hire a company that will provide you with written proof of insurance that they take care of anything they damage.

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5. Will My Family, Home and Pets Be Safe During Cleaning?

The length of the operation will tell how experienced the air duct cleaners are. Professional technicians should know how to keep the rest of your property safe from the debris and dust. They should use drop cloths to protect your floor and plastic guards to protect your walls. They should also wear booties over their shoes to keep dust and dirt away from the rest of your house.

6. Will You Clean the Whole Air Duct System?

Some companies only offer to clean a part of your air duct system. Check if the company you are hiring cleans the entire system and if they have the correct cleaning equipment. Ask them if they will clean your furnace and air conditioner and also return the air ducts. Inquire if they will seal the access panel and clean the grills after the duct cleaning Toronto.

7. The Chemicals They Use to Clean

Use of the wrong chemicals on your air duct can be more dangerous than leaving it uncleaned. Some chemicals are hazardous when inhaled and can even cause death, and that is why it is wise to inquire about the substances they use for duct cleaning Toronto. We recommend you go for a company that uses chemical biocides. These are used to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. However, it would be best if you did your research on the pros and cons of these chemicals.

8. Is There a Visual Inspection After Completing the Work?

The company you go for should be able to show the results of the past duct cleaning Toronto projects. They do so by conducting an after cleaning inspection and show before and after pictures. In the photos, let them show you where the problem was and how they cleaned it. This is important, and it pushes the cleaning company to do a thorough work.

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  1. Hi Mike, thanks for sharing an informative piece! Cleaning the air duct system makes the home more energy-efficient, improves indoor air quality. Duct cleaning has various benefits in its own way. Thanks for sharing it!

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