Supreme x Louis Vuitton Signature Trunk

If you are huge fan of the Parisian label, Louis Vuitton, you would have already heard about the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration, but I am quite sure the price of that large signature LV trunk in red decorated with branding of both marques that caught many’s attention is still a mystery to you. So how much is it? Well, before we let you in on the price, please be sure you are seated firmly cos’ the number is going to blow you away. According to our source, it is going to be retailed for a mind-bending $68,500. Ouch! That’s sixty eight thousand and five hundred bucks in words in case you didn’t get it. Seriously, you could drive home a top line Porsche home with that kind of money, but who am I to judge when richie rich wants a piece of the collection, right?

To be honest, we are not very familiar with LV trunks, but it is said that sticker is more than two times more than LV’s regular in-house trunks (still crazy expensive, btw). Anyways, the fact that it is an LV and a Supreme too, shouldn’t surprise anyone (except me, of course). As mentioned, I am not abreast with the current happenings over at Louis Vuitton and so, I was pretty surprise that within the collection, there’s a skateboard, complete with carrier and accessories, too. If you are interested in that, then be prepared to drop a princely sum of $54,500 for it.

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Don’t worry if you are a couple of thousands short cos’ you will have a few months to amass that kind of money as the Supreme x Louis Vuitton Signature Trunk, along with other stuff in the collection, will only be hitting the shelves of select LV stores on July 17, 2017. Some temporary retail locations may stock those as well. So, Scrooge McDuckians take note.

Image and source via Highsnobiety