Huge DIY Robocop ED-209 Costume by Ghostlight

Well, if you have not caught this in 2014, it is still quite fresh three years on in 2017. What you see here is a costume (yes, costume!) of the notorious “Enforcement Droid Series” ED-209, first introduced in the Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 sci-fi action flick Robocop (Orion Pictures). This impressive mech costume was part of the props used in Ghostlight’s remake of the classic Robocop film, aptly called Our Robocop Remake. The movie, which was a crowd-sourced film project, was made in collaboration with Channel 101 community and was posted on YouTube and Vimeo more than three years ago, but it resurfaced recently – thanks to Indy Mogul’s recent feature.

Huge DIY Robocop ED-209 Costume by Ghostlight

Ghostlight opted to go with human-puppeteered costume for the ED-209 since they did not have the luxury of big budget like most Hollywood studios have, but the result, though obviously a far cry from the CGI model seen in the original film (and more recently, the reboot), was nothing less than impressive. Perhaps, more amazingly was, this ED-209 costume was put together by the filmmakers at Ghostlight using metal components, cheap cardboard and vacuum-formed plastic parts.

Huge DIY Robocop ED-209 Costume by Ghostlight
Twin brothers David and James Codeglia of Ghostlight. Image: Lightwave3D.

As said, Ghostlight’s ED-209 costume may not be as convincing as the CGI’s, but the fact it was made and wearable makes it the perfect DIY project for those who’s looking to create his or her own costume for the next comic convention or this year’s Halloween party. But there’s just one tiny caveat here: Ghostlight did not offer specifics on how it was made, but the behind-the-scene video should provide any experience costume/prop maker with hints on how to go about cobbling one up.

Here’s the clip of scene where ED-209 made a mess:

And if you are interested, here’s the scene-by-scene remake of the film:

Featured image: screengrab from YouTube video.

Source and animated GIF via io9