Are you guilty of hurling your Playstation DualShock controller across the room for losing a game? Well, if you are, clearly you are a little too stress, but perhaps for the wrong reason. Regardless, a stress is a stress and for that, you will need this: Playstation Stress Controller by Paladone. It is a stress ball in the likeness of the classic Playstation DualShock controller that lets you vent your anger or relieve your stress by squeezing the controller which you weren’t be able to with the real controller unless you are the Hulk. Pretty brilliant, actually.

Playstation Stress Controller by Paladone

“Take the stress out of gaming with a PlayStation Stress Controller, the easiest way to remain in control during even the most frustrating gaming moments! Designed like a classic Dual Shock PlayStation controller, the squeezy soft nature of this quirky stress ball makes it the perfect tool to bring your stress levels back to normal while playing even the toughest games.”

Next time you feel like hurling your expensive controller across the living, just pick this up and start squeezing away or hurl it instead. It won’t hurt anything at all. But not quote us on that. Don’t want you be topping over a $100K Ming Dynasty vase… The Playstation Stress Controller has everything a classic DualShock controller has. The buttons, the iconic button symbols. You name it. It has it all. Save for the telltale sign of creases typical of a stress ball, it looks exactly like the now-iconic controller. The Playstation Stress Controller will be available from Paladone for just £5.99 (US$7.81). If you want one, do get yourself sign up to be notified of its arrival.

Playstation Stress Controller by Paladone

Images: Paladone.

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