having a camping stove that can also juice up your gadgets in the wilderness is great but that’s only if you are fine by marshmallows and hot dogs on sticks all night long – for whatever number of nights you have planned to remain in the great outdoor and that’s also, assuming you won’t miss beef patties or whatever patties a bit. you probably won’t miss a hot sizzling burger for a night or two but anything longer, you’d probably kill for one. the solution? the BioLite Portable Grill. as the name implies, the intend is all but obvious: you now can stop dreaming about the tantalizing burgers and start having the real deal in the middle of nowhere (provided you’d remember to bring the ingredients with you), and still gets to charge your tech stuff. the $59.95 BioLite Portable Grill is basically an add-on attachment to the awesome BioLite CampStove introduced last year and it is not just a simple metal-over-stove contraptions cos’ it does have a couple of neat features to offer. it features a fuel intake lid for direct control of the flame levels without messing with the grill surface, a large grill grate that fits up to four burgers or six hot dogs with high, medium and low temperature zones, a unique grill body that channels the fire upward from the stove to the grill grate, and foldable legs and a durable plastic travel cover for ease of storage and transportation. isn’t great that you don’t need to resign to the fate of food-on-a-stick anymore? the best part is, if you ever miss grilling over direct fire, you can always remove the attachment and go with the stove, and of course, you still get to keep your cell phone alive while you are savoring your gourmet in the wild.

BioLite via Cool Material

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