BioLite FirePit Does Smokeless Wood-burning Without Dangerous Propane

BioLite, the purveyor of all-thing camping, is back with a new tool that will revitalize how you camp forever. The company has reimagined how a campfire should be with BioLite FirePit, a high-tech take of the age-old camping essential. First and foremost, FirePit is a versatile fire pit that can keep your warm, cook your […]

CoffeePress Turns Biolite KettlePot Into A French-press For Camping

As far as keeping your devices charged, lighting up the night, filling your growling stomach* and quenching your thirst goes, Biolite has you covered, well, almost. It is not until of late that it finally has all your camping needs covered with an accessory that sees to your caffeine fix too. Meet the BioLite CoffeePress, […]

BioLite Broke Conventional Lantern Design By Going Flatpack

If you camp often, you will notice that lantern is the one thing that’s hard to pack. Lanterns are mostly cylindrical and therefore, it consumes precious space and that’s not to mention after all the effort of packing it in, you get crazy dim light out of it which is pretty ineffective in pitch dark […]

BioLite SolarPanel 5+ Packs 2,200 mAh Battery, Charges Phone In 2 Hours

Portable battery is great, but if you are expecting yourself to be out of the grid for prolong period of time, solar charger is the way to go. However, you are probably not going to go for just any solar charger; you will one that maximizes your charge. Such is what BioLite Solar Panel 5+ […]

BioLite NanoGrid Is Like A Mini Power Grid With Lightings For Your Campsite

Believe it or not, some people do not like camping because of the dark. When you are in the wild, you have limited light source, which is hardly something you can call cosy (cosy for the mozzies, perhaps). If that is the sole reason that’s stopping you from enjoying the great outdoor, then perhaps the […]

BioLite KettleCharge Charges Your iPad While Boiling Water

up till now, BioLite have serves up some pretty serious energy generating stoves, but with the new BioLite KettleCharge, it addresses the need for clean water, whether it’s indoor or out, while pumping out up to 10W of electrical charges for you mobile gadgets. ok. maybe it does not look quite like the kettle that […]

BioLite BaseCamp Stove Cooks For Many And Charges Your Gadgets Too

thinking of hitting the wilderness in drove? well, then you might be interested in the new BaseCamp Stove from Brooklyn-based BioLite (the same folks who brought you CampStove, KettlePot and HomeStove), which allows chef de wild to cook up to eight burgers simultaneously. so if you have many mouth to feed while camping, the BaseCamp […]

BioLite KettlePot Camping Kettle

the BioLite CampStove is no doubt one of the coolest camping gear we have seen, but a stove itself won’t do any good if you don’t have a pot or kettle or maybe a grill or something to go with it. well, i guess the grill part is a non-issue since the introduction of the Portable Grill and so, all there is left is to decide whether to lug along a pot or a kettle, or both.

BioLite Portable Grill

having a camping stove that can also juice up your gadgets in the wilderness is great but that’s only if you are fine by marshmallows and hot dogs on sticks all night long – for whatever number of nights you have planned to remain in the great outdoor and that’s also, assuming you won’t miss beef patties or whatever patties a bit. you probably won’t miss a hot sizzling burger for a night or two