BioLite, the purveyor of all-thing camping, is back with a new tool that will revitalize how you camp forever. The company has reimagined how a campfire should be with BioLite FirePit, a high-tech take of the age-old camping essential. First and foremost, FirePit is a versatile fire pit that can keep your warm, cook your meals, and offers you a visual spectacle of the campfire like no other – and it does it all without the entourage crooning Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. It sports a sleek, rectangular form which hides some pretty awesome high-tech circuity that enables the aforementioned.

BioLite Bluetooth-enabled Smokeless Camping Stove

It features a patented airflow system, comprising of 51 air jets located strategically along the pit, that pipes oxygen to the fire to combust wood smoke (AKA particulate materials) before it gets out into the open. The result is a virtually smokeless fire pit much like the propane variety, but without the danger brought about by volatile gas while getting the perks of sight, sound and smell of a real campfire. You know, perks like the crackle, the smell and sight of burning wood.

BioLite Bluetooth-enabled Smokeless Camping Stove

Speaking of sight… thanks to the x-ray mesh incorporated into FirePit, it offers a 360 degrees of view of the burning wood that gives the illusion of floating fire at night. Given this “x-ray vision,” everyone huddling around it can have a good view of the glowing embers at the bottom, the gasifying wood in the middle, and the ferocious and beautiful vortex of the flames coming out at the top. Wait. Actually, no. It is not true 360 view because it has an orange power pack on one end which is required to get the air going into the air jets. The pack is also home to a 10,400 mAh USB-rechargeable battery pack that, when fully charged, can keep the fire burning for up to 24 hours straight.

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BioLite Bluetooth-enabled Smokeless Camping Stove

The same battery can also be used to recharge your mobile devices, or hook up to BioLite lighting to complete the campfire setup. In addition to eliminating the need to shift around the campfire to avoid being engulfed by smoke, FirePit cooks too. Simply drop the purpose-designed grate (which also works as a spare arrestor for campfire mode, btw) into it and FirePit instantly turns into a hibachi grill. Brilliant. And when use with the optional Bluetooth connectivity, you can even control the intensity of the fire.

BioLite Bluetooth-enabled Smokeless Camping Stove

With so much being promised and with a proven track-record of delivery, it is no surprise that BioLite FirePit has received tremendous support from the community on Kickstarter. The camping has only went live earlier today, but already, it has roped in over 1,800 backers contributing to no less $425,000. With 31 days to go on the calendar, one can only imagine this product will be one of the most successful Kickstarter fire pits ever.

If you are up for it (and why wouldn’t anyone?), you can pre-order the BioLite FirePit for $199, but do note that, while the product is a go, it won’t be delivered till May 2018. Hey, at least it will be in time for the summer of 2018. And oh, BioLite is also throwing in a free Solar Carry Cover with integrated shoulder straps that recharges the folded down FirePit when it is not in use. Dope. Keep going for the product pitch to learn even more about this awesome camping gear.

BioLite Bluetooth-enabled Smokeless Camping Stove

BioLite Bluetooth-enabled Smokeless Camping Stove

Images courtesy of Biolite.

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