The life-logging camera fad is over. It didn’t last long, did it? But why? My best guess is, having a camera stuck on you isn’t half as fun, plus it probably make folks you come across uncomfortable knowing that you may be filming them. The solution? FOMOcamera. Billed as the most wearable and customizable camera, FOMOcamera is basically a badge camera. In other words, it is a camera incognito as a badge in whatever design you fancy. Perfect for ladies for capturing men in the act of leering at their breasts instead of their eyes when conversing with them. Damn. I’d better stay away from ladies wearing a badge like this for I may be caught in the act. Sorry, can’t help it. Most men are hardwired to detect beauty and I am not going to pretend I am an exception.

FOMOcamera Wearable and Customizable Camera

No larger than a single packet of condom and weighing no more than 1.41 oz (40g), FOMOcamera comes standard with two swappable magnetic mount accessories, namely, brooch-pin and clip, that allows it to be attached to a variety of places and materials such as apparels, bags, hats, and pet’s collars – just to name a few. Additional accessories are available to enable FOMOcamera to be mounted on a bicycle, kayak and more. Perhaps, the best part is, the image on it is totally customizable… by you. Using the DIY template, you can design your own graphics and slip it in between the outer shell and FOMO, and you are all set.

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FOMOcamera Wearable and Customizable Camera

Other features include 16GB storage, 1080p HD recording, a simple one-button operation, a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery for up to 90 minutes of recording time, and water-resistant (but not waterproof; you have to use the optional waterproof case for that).

FOMO is peddling its ware on Kickstarter where you can get this amazing life-logging, wearable camera for a crazy (in a good way!) price of 49 bucks. With the simplicity it offers and most importantly, an unbelievably affordable price point, it is no surprise that FOMOcamera have received much love from backers. The campaign is well over its original funding goal, which means backers can expect it to land on their doorsteps sometime in December 2017.

FOMOcamera Wearable and Customizable Camera

Images courtesy of FOMO.

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