I do not encourage young kids to use headphones. I see no reason risking young children’s hearings since, you know, kids may not be able to judge the volume when using headphones. But that’s the old fashion me. Addressing the safe volume issue, Happy Plugs has launched Play, a pair of wired and wireless headphones that lets children ages 3 to 15 enjoy private audio at safe volume levels.

Happy Plugs Play Headphones

It is no secret that prolong exposure to high volumes can lead to noise-induced hearing loss. With Play, however, it limits the harmful volumes as set by the World Health Organization’s recommendation which is 85 dB-limited volume range.

Why it matters is because, hearing is important (like, duh) and according to a study by WHO, 19.5% of the children between 12 and 19 years suffer from hearing loss. Well, that obviously doesn’t sound good (bad pun not intended but I will apologize in case it offended anyone).

Happy Plugs Play Headphones

Really, if parents have a choice, they should not let their children use headphones. But if you really must, perhaps Happy Plugs Play Headphones may serve to mitigate the issue.

In addition to protecting the hearing, Play further boasts Biomaster antimicrobial technology to reduce the odds of unwanted microbes that can cause degradation, discoloration, staining, and odors, without harming the users.

Happy Plugs Play Headphones

Other features include vegan-friendly leather, up to 82% passive noise cancellation, up to 25 hours of playtime in wireless mode, 10-minute quick charge for 5 hours of use, built-in microphone for calls and zoom classes, and audio sharing capability for sharing music or movie with a friend’s headphones via the USB-C or 3.5 mm auxiliary output.

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Happy Plugs Play Headphones for children is available from Happy Plugs website for US$79.99.

Happy Plugs Play Headphones

Images: Happy Plugs.

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