up till now, BioLite have serves up some pretty serious energy generating stoves, but with the new BioLite KettleCharge, it addresses the need for clean water, whether it’s indoor or out, while pumping out up to 10W of electrical charges for you mobile gadgets. ok. maybe it does not look quite like the kettle that you are used to seeing. in fact, the concave top makes it look like a canteen or a bowl, but within that un-kettle look is a volume that allows you to boil up to 750 ml of water and an advanced thermoelectric technology that converts the mere act of boiling water into electricity equivalent to the wall outlet’s output, which means the KettleCharge is totally capable of juicing up your power thirsty iPad too. it sports a handle that is also home to the smart LED dashboard which keeps you in the know on the heat level and charging status.

BioLite KettleCharge

there is also an onboard battery (a 1,250 mAh lithium iron phosphate battery, if you must really know) for storing the electricity harvested and a USB port with a flip switch for charging or powering your USB-powered gadgets whenever you desire. the handle is angled for perfect pouring and folds flat for easy storage and transportation. each BioLite KettleCharge comes with a heat-resistant flexible USB extender, so you can charge your device without getting too dangerously near the fire source. and oh, it has a bottom that is designed to suit most stoves including, of course, BioLite CampStove. BioLite KettleCharge is available open for pre-order now for $149.95 with shipment expected to commence in September.

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BioLite KettleCharge

BioLite KettleCharge

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