Sleeping is part of the great outdoor experience. OK. It is not but keeping yourself warm and toasty is super important, and you know what is good at keeping you toasty? A sleeping bag or blanket.

Puffle Zero Arctic Adventure Blanket

Here’s the thing. A sleeping bag restricts movement and felt claustrophobic while a blanket is heavy, space-devouring, and sucks water like a sponge – not exactly good for outdoor use. They were probably good in the 70s. But for the 21st century and beyond, Puffle Zero Arctic Adventure Blanket by Sierra Madre Research is the way to go.

Puffle Zero marries the best of both worlds. It is a blanket that promised to keep you crisp and toast even at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17 degrees Celsius) and most importantly, it is kind of transformable.

Puffle Zero Arctic Adventure Blanket
You use it with Sierra Madre Ninox hammock too.

This safe haven of warmth can transform from a blank to top quilt with a foot box to keep your feet warm, to a wearable poncho that offers freedom of movement, and to a traditional sleeping bag but with room to wiggle and move.

It also works as an under-quilt hammock and serves as a picnic mat too. Full-length snaps allow it to pack you up like a warm burrito, or connect with other Puffle Zero to form a large ground mat.

Other highlights include dual draft collars, hidden pocket, under quite connections kit included, fully adjustable cinches, pad snaps included, weather and dirt-proof, whisper-soft fabric, and compression bag for easy transportation.

Puffle Zero Arctic Adventure Blanket

The Puffle Zero Arctic Adventure Blanket is available in two insulating versions: drydown which has real down from geese and vegan which features Puffle’s 3D synthetic fibers.

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More details of the new Puffle Zero Arctic Adventure Blanket can be found on Kickstarter where you can secure a Drydown version for US$299 or more or the Vegan version for US$149 or more.

Images courtesy of Sierra Madre Research.

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