Camping is cool (but literally). What is not cool is the sizzling heat, the mosquitoes and all. If those are the factors that prevented you from stepping out of the comfort zone, then perhaps this little guy here, a portable air conditioner called Coolingstyle, will make you change your mind. There’s no fancy moniker here. It is just a portable air conditioner that does what it is supposed to do and more. It is not only chic, but also very functional.

Coolingstyle Portable Air Conditioner

We don’t need to detail why it is chic, the product’s aesthetic pretty much speaks for itself, and as for functional, it has 1,700 BTU on the tap and a cooling capacity of 55 square feet (5 square meters), which is perfect for keeping a pretty decent size tent cool. Now, 1,700 BTU is a far cry from your home units, obviously, but that’s pretty impressive for something this small (we’re talking about 8.5 x 10.6 x 15.7 inches small) and weighs just 12 lbs (5.6 kilograms).

Coolingstyle Portable Air Conditioner

Cooling is not just the only thing it does; it has a built-in battery good for 5 hours of continuous cooling, plus it has two USB ports for recharging your small gadgets, and then there is also ultrasonic mosquito repellent to keep those nasty blood suckers at bay. Finally, it also gets a built-in LED that has a red SOS light signal function for emergencies. Coolingstyle Portable Air Conditioner can be powered by the built-in 30 Ah battery, wall outlet, or the auxiliary power socket (AKA cigarette lighter) in an automobile. Oh oh, it has a tube for drawing air to it if the device is use indoor.

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Coolingstyle Portable Air Conditioner

You can find Coolingstyle Portable Air Conditioner on Kickstarter where, if all goes as planned (i.e. it gets funded), your pledge of $329 or more will secure yourself a unit. The campaign went live on Kickstarter not too long ago and already, it has rolled in nearly $50K in funding and it still has 43 days to go. So, I’d say getting funded is imminent, unless a meteorite collides with Earth, killing all lifeforms on the little blue marble we call home.

Coolingstyle Portable Air Conditioner

Images courtesy of Coolingstyle.

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