Thinking of setting up a coffee shop? Well then, Nestlé Nespresso may just have the coffee machine, or as the company calls it, coffee system, for you. The Nespresso Momento Coffee System is offered two models: single-head (100) and double-head (200) models.

Presented in a sleek, minimalist design, the Red Dot Design Award-winning coffee system is design with businesses such as office, hospitality, and food service sectors, in mind.

It is easy to setup, use, clean and service, and comes with an integrated touchscreen display that lets you brew a variety of coffee sizes. The machine automatically recognizes the coffee capsule inserted and promptly recommends the best way to brew it.

Nespresso Momento Coffee Machine
Nespresso Momento 100 (Above); Nespresso Momento 200 Top)

Yes. It is capsule-based. That said, it is probably not it if you are looking set up a craft coffee outlet. Anyways, as far as capability goes, the Nespresso Momento 200 is capable of brewing up to 140 coffees per hour.

It is customizable, allowing you, the business operator, to choose the ideal coffee temperature and cup size straight on the touchscreen settings menu.

The Nespresso Momento Coffee System is just a start. Also in the pipeline is a coffee plus milk machine and telemetry technology that will alert Nespresso when you need more coffee or if the machine requires maintenance or service.

Nestlé Nespresso Momento features a separate, replaceable brewing module and in the event if one part of the system requires serving, there is no need to replace the entire machine.

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Last but not least, Nestlé Nespresso Momento its optimized for energy and water efficiency which, along with various energy-saving modes, aims to help you to minimize your business environment impact.

I guess that is as much as Nestlé Nespresso can do with respect sustainability. Whether or not you want to lose the straws or paper cups, it is entirely up to you.

If you are down, you may want to touch base with Nespresso Professional for more details like pricing and availability.

All images courtesy of Nestlé Nespresso SA.

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