Chip Fingers Finger Covers

Everyone loves Cheetos, but not everyone loves what consuming Cheetos leave behind, i.e. the stain on the fingers. You could head to the bathroom have them washed and in process, break you bingeing in front of the TV. No. That should not even happen and it is precisely why there is a thing called Chip Fingers Finger Covers.

Think of Chip Fingers as a cross between a glove and a utensil. Yes. I said it. It is a utensil (of sort) for picking with your fingers. You can use a fork and look absolutely silly, or you can use the most efficient tool evolution has created – your fingers.

Chip Fingers Finger Covers

Chip Fingers keep your fingers protected like a glove would, but unlike gloves (which will also make you look totally silly as far as handling Cheetos and chips go), Chip Fingers only cover the necessary digits, namely, your thumb and the two other nominated fingers.

Slip the trio on and Cheetos stain is a thing of the past. Need to handle the remote, make a few quick IMDB searches, or stroke your beloved’s hair (or elsewhere, erhmmm *wink*)? Just slip off Chip Fingers and you can do whatever without transferring Cheetos or remnants salt from some chips to what you going to touch.

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Made of food-grade silicone, so it is perfect safe to eat with (but don’t ingest it!). This could among the best inventions in modern times since, well, Cheetos. Duh. Pick up yours, if you so desire, on Amazon for a mere $8.99 for a pack of 3.

Chip Fingers Finger Covers

Images: Stenbert Solutions.

Source: Dude.