Happy Meals for Adults by Newt Clements

Admit it. Sometime we do get envious that kids are getting cool toys from Happy Meal – especially if they are movie collaborations. At some point, we begin to ask ourselves, ‘why didn’t McDonald’s have Happy Meal for grown-ass person?’ Sadly, they won’t.

Happy Meals for Adults by Newt Clements

But what if, just what if, there is? What would the packaging and accompanying toys look like? Well, one artist has spared us from the imagination. Newt Clements has created a series of Happy Meals for Adults based on popular movies, both old and new, and from a variety of genres.

The results? All I can say they made me want one so bad now (or may all of them!). Newt has created a bunch of them, including Happy Meal based on classic monster flick King Kong, horror films like Evil Dead and Nightmare on the Elm Street – just to pick out a few.

Happy Meals for Adults by Newt Clements

My personal favorites has to be Jaws, which comes with a miniature diorama of Bruce crashing down on The Orca, and Kill Bill with a miniature figure of The Bride. The King Kong is my third favorite.

You can check out some of Clements’ creations on Pinterest and if you like, follow the man on Twitter too, where he will update his awesome works on the topic of Happy Meal for Adults.

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Images: Pinterest (Newt Clements).

Source: Gunaxin.