We can all agree necktie is part of a formal attire. In that sense, slapping on cartoon or anime characters on a tie’s design will immediately downgrade it to a less formal piece. But not with Evangelion x Nagashima Garment Neckties collection.

These ties are made by craftsmen in Japan using high-quality silk and are released to celebrate the supposed to be released fourth Evangelion movie (which has been delayed again indefinitely).

The Evangelion x Nagashima Garment Neckties are not what you may have expect. There are no images of Evangelion units or the pilots which each of the four models are based on – save for the motifs of the EVA unit on the back of the tie.

Instead, you get colors that are closely associated with each of the four EVA units, with 5 patterns to choose from within each model.

In this series of collaborative ties, Evangelion and Nagashima Garment have chose to go with the first three EVA units, namely Unit-01 aka Test Type piloted by Ikari Shinji, Unit-00 piloted by Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley’s Unit-02, and oddly enough, EVA Mark.06 piloted by the Kaworu Nagisa – the Fifth Child and the 17th Angel.

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Strange because, if its about the fourth EVA movie, shouldn’t it be Mari’s Unit-08? Just saying…

Evangelion x Nagashima Garment Neckties are available from Nagashima Garment online store for 9,900 yen (about US$95) a pop.

Images: Nagashima Garment.

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