A child may unable to comprehend why wearing a mask at a time like this is important. Hell, even some grown-ass person can’t too, let alone a kid. Thankfully, unlike stubborn folks, child can be educated.

Fun Masks for Children by Max & Alexandra

But mask being a mask, can be rather intimidating and uncomfortable for some children. This is where Fun Masks for Children by Max & Alexandra comes in. Officially referred to as “Cute & Friendly Animal Mask Collection,” these face masks are designed specifically for kids age 3 to 13.

The masks not only are comfy to wear, but has designs that will make children want to wear ‘em. The mask features a two-layer 100% natural cotton construction, plus an extra layer of PM2.5 filter for added protection.

Fun Masks for Children by Max & Alexandra

Unlike regular face masks that has a metal nose bridge for secure and custom fit, these masks are contoured to fit the child’s face and boasts soft and stretchy ear straps that are adjustable.

With the lack of metal nose bridge, along with the ability to adjust the ear straps and natural cotton material, Cute & Friendly Animal Mask promised protection with breathable, and comfortable all-day wear.

Fun Masks for Children by Max & Alexandra

Cute & Friendly Animal Mask is available in choice of designs: bunny, kitty, doggy, llama, polar bear, rhino and seal.

Actually, you do not need to choice between them the different designs because, Max & Alexandra are selling them as a set of 7 for US$50.

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Images: Max & Alexandra.

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