Lets face it. Scooters aren’t the prettiest transportation on Earth. At least not until they started looking like the BMW Motorrad Definition CE-04. However, there is good news. If you ride a BMW C400X, hope of it actually look stunning is on the horizon.

Nmoto Golden Age Kit for BMW C400X Scooter

A Florida-based maker of custom kit for motorcycles, Nmoto, has recently revealed the Golden Age kit that will turn a C400X into an entirely different looking ride.

Just look at the Golden Age. It is gorgeous and oozes with the classic BMW vibe. The curves that started from the unmistakable BMW kidney grilles, the round headlamp, plush leather seat, turn signals with chrome extension, and tasteful amount of chrome detailing – all come together to form a coherent masterpiece.

Nmoto Golden Age Kit for BMW C400X Scooter

It will make you exclaim, “they don’t make bike like this anymore!” And yet, it is coming soon, or at least it is for folks over in Stateside.

Inspired by the halcyon days of pre-war motoring, Nmoto Golden Age is part Art Deco, part futuristic, and all beauty. It is classy. Very classy.

Nmoto Golden Age Kit for BMW C400X Scooter

The concept revealed by the company is powered by a 2020 BMW 350 cc engine that produces around 35 horsepower. Beyond that, little is known about this beautiful concept.

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Wait. Actually we do know two other things: the design is complete and production of the first prototype is underway and there will be a public reveal of the actual the prototype sometime in Spring 2021. Meanwhile, we have to content with renders of this exciting kit.

Nmoto Golden Age Kit for BMW C400X Scooter

Images: Nmoto.

Source: Carscoops.

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