Addmotor M-160 Folding Electric Bike

Talking about cutting-edge technology and one of the most compact and storable e-bikes? Addmotor has heard you. There is no doubt that Addmotor delivers advanced e-bikes which serve best for daily commutes as well as going to intercity adventure trips. But what if we talk about a folding e-bike that just escapes the conventional concept of transport?

The FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike is one of the most advanced e-bikes in the market. Robust features paired with a modish and nimble design make it seem like a perfectly balanced food that dietitians would love to have on their plans. But what makes the electric bike this interesting? Truthfully, it is the ratio of every feature that Addmotor has integrated to deliver you a product that you will cherish on bustling urban roads. Your daily trips are no more boring with the stylish M-160 e-bike.

Therefore, let us start diving into the world of reliability and comfortability with the FOLDTAN M-160 which is the ultimate getaway from your boring commuting routine.

What Does It Feel Like?

Have you ever thought of how those movies give a perfect representation of a sunny and colorful day and everybody is happy to head to their offices all suited up for work? This feeling might be hard to achieve with your current transport but with M-160 as your commute buddy, the ride does feel colorful and refreshing.

The essence is its advanced features, powerful ride option, modish design, and more technical goodness which makes it an outstanding option in the market. So enjoy the fun of riding with your M-160 which escapes the conventional impression of transportation.

Buckle Up For A Power-Packed Ride:

Any electric bike is no good unless it gives you a powerful and stable two-wheeled ride. It is not just the power but the adaptability of the motor that makes your rides smooth and comfortable. With the 750W rear drive motor, the M-160 makes it easy for you to take on the roads without worrying about getting ditched midway. The amazing brushless motor aids in giving you a longer runtime which makes it ideal for daily commuting or two-day jaunts.

Talking about the battery, the M-160 folding electric bike accompanies a good 20AH battery which is sealed in an internal tube. Not only does it elevate the overall look of the electric bike but also protects the battery against water, impact, or sunlight. This extends the battery life and improves safety making it a world-class choice for transportation.

Addmotor M-160 Folding Electric Bike

Extended range; Plan a meetup with your best mates:

Ever wanted to on a hike trip with your friends but your current commute just doesn’t cooperate? Feels like a mutual feeling. It is frustrating when your battery dies midway which happens to be a top concern why people don’t trust electric bikes. They can become unreliable.

But that’s not the case with M-160. This electric bike is like a best buddy on trips like these. With only one charge you can ride up to 100 miles which is extended compared to other standard versions. Not only this but with the 7-level pedal assistance, you are the boss on the road. Without the need to exert extra to pedal, the torque sensor creates a refreshing riding experience by matching your pedal effort for quick acceleration.

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In addition to that with a max speed up to 20 mph, you get better speed and stable pace throughout your journey. So gear on to take the trip of your dreams.

Never Leave Your E-bike Home Alone:

The ability of Addmotor’s bikes never fails to amaze us. If you have researched about them then it is not unknown that they deliver foldable electric e-bikes which earns them an extra point for the ease of transporting them anywhere anytime.

The M-160 has a similar foldable design which makes it easy to transport anywhere. It can be compact enough to fit in your car’s trunk easily. Just fold the frame of the e-bike to shrink it so it can sit in your RV. Hence next time your pet dog goes to the picnic so does your folding electric bike.

Tackle Terrains Tougher Than Your Routine:

City roads are not easy to drive upon.  Speaking of which, unpredictable terrain and tough landscapes are frequently encountered. The all-new M-160 is equipped with 4-inch fat tires supported by an aluminum frame which gives better traction when driving over rough and uneven areas. The suspensions help in absorbing shocks and bumps so your head doesn’t feel dizzy after going through a rough patch.

In addition to that, the Cassette 14-28 tooth aids in giving you additional torque to work up your way through steep hills. It makes it easy for you to drive over landscapes on which most e-bikes would lose their grip and stability.

Save Your Face; Hit The Brake:

At high speeds, the need for precise braking is more important than you think. You may be lucky if you are not thrown in the air by your e-bike because balancing the weight to stabilize the bike is something that cannot be achieved by every manufacturer. Speaking of which, the probability of you tipping while making a turn is not zero. This happens frequently if the wheels are not stable and the braking system is not responsive enough.

To address this issue, the M-160 features hydraulic disc brakes which makes it easy for accurate braking. The stopping power is improved as less force is required to engage the brake levers so you don’t land on your face even at high speeds.

Addmotor M-160 Folding Electric Bike

Lighting System; Compete With The City Lights:

Having a good lighting system is important. It not only assures your safety but of others around you. The M-160 features EB 2.0 lighting that gives the headlights a flashy and bright light to enhance visibility during the night time so you don’t end up getting into a pothole.

The taillight has multiple signal lighting for danger, indicators, braking lights, etc. which helps you and other drivers around you to communicate through signals ensuring a safe and sound ride.


The FOLDTAN M-160 is quite economical for a vehicle giving such specifics. Not only it is an investment but also a reliable asset that you can pass on to your children so they can know the real meaning of driving with joy. This electric bike is a piece of art; safety, reliability, and comfortability. An all-in-one solution for your commuting needs.

Images: Addmotor.