This is BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04. It is an evolution of the first electric maxi-scooter BMW C evolution and the subsequent concept bike, Concept Link. We think it look like a life-size Playmobil motorcycle and we totally dig it. Like, a lot.

BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 Electric Maxi-Scooter

Not a lot of practical information to go round at this point, though. We do know, however, the BMW Definition CE 04 is a designed-for-city, electric, i.e. 100% emission-free, scooter and it has a low center of gravity. It also boasts a floating seat of sort that “can be individually adjusted by pushing it back and forth,” thus allowing to accommodate riders of different heights.

BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 Electric Maxi-Scooter

We also know that it has storage for a bag or helmet, accessible from one side. Finally, we learn that rolls on aluminum wheels with disc-wheel look and it bridges the digital and analog world seamlessly, leveraging on your smartphone. A digital display is where you finally all important information, including maps for navigation and whatnot.

BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 Electric Maxi-Scooter

BMW Motorrad also designed a matching parka to go with the electric two-wheeler because, you know, riding is also a fashion statement. The parka is as futuristic as the bike is. It robust and breathable, and has lights in the sleeves and hood to boost visibility.

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The lights can be switched off or the color can be changed using the sensors on the sleeve. Finally, it has inductive charging function in the pocket that will keep your smartphone juiced.

BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 Electric Maxi-Scooter

Completing the riding fashion are a pair of black riding jeans and sneakers, and a white open-face helmet. More marketing talks on the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 can be found HERE.

Images: BMW Motorrad.

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