You know how some office workers are afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome with the prolong use of mouse? Well, pro-gamers and esports athletes aren’t spared from strain injuries either. But a Flashe Gaming Group, a Sweden gaming accessories maker, aims to change with Flashes Xsleeve Esports Arm Compression Sleeve.

Flashe Xsleeve Esports Arm Compression Sleeve

Flashe Xsleeve is a compression sleeve for the arm with an underside covered in PTFE (aka Teflon) that bends and conforms to the wearer’s arm, and affords easier movement, better precision, and reduced friction. This means it lets the wearer’s arm slide over the mouse pad with ease and doing so with however agility you can unleashed.

Did we mention that your palm will be protected too? So, yeah, you can bid farewell to sore palm. Basically, Xsleeve is like the equivalent of the shark skin swimsuits in swimming, but for esports.

Flashe Xsleeve Esports Arm Compression Sleeve

It being a compression sleeve, Xsleeve also boosts blood circulation. This in turns bolster the oxygen to the working muscles, reduces lactic acid levels and regulates the body temperature. The lactic acid is the culprit attributed to soreness and stifles performance.

Last but not least, Flashe Xsleeve Esports Arm Compression Sleeve works with whatever clothing your wear, be it hoodie or long sleeve shirt. It just go over the sleeve of whatever garment you chose to wear.

Flashe Xsleeve Esports Arm Compression Sleeve

There are 10 custom sizes and 6 colors to choose from. Can we just say that it also look ridiculously cool?

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If you are sold, you can pick up the Flashe Xsleeve Esports Arm Compression Sleeve as a pre-order on Kickstarter by backing for a product. Prices start at 255 SEK, which works out to be around US$30.

The campaign is funded. And if all goes as planned, backers for a product should see delivery sometime in December 2020.

All images courtesy of Flashe Gaming Group.

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