I am sure we are familiar with green screen. Green screen has been used in movie making to composite two images or video streams together. But do you know that Disney’s productions like the Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian does not use green screens?

Disney Uses LED Panels Instead Of Green Screen

Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) employed LED panels and video game engine technology to “place” realistic-looking world behind the actors. That, along with props and physical environment made to match the background completes the movie magic.

Actually there’s more to just “dropping” background; the background is dynamic. As the camera moves around to capture the motion at various angles on the stage known as “the volume”, the images on the background response dynamically. This creates a convincing image of the actors realty on site, such as a fictional planet. Pretty amazing, right?

Disney Uses LED Panels Instead Of Green Screen

Moreover, this high-tech method also eliminates several short comings of green screen, including green light casts on the set and actors, and that’s not mention the tedious process of removing the green screen in post production.

I imagine with a “real” background, actors will have less to imagine and get into the atmosphere easier. You can learn more about this wonderful movie magic in the documentary by Vox in the video below.

Images and source: YouTube (Vox).

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