When it comes to gun suppressor, AKA silencer, people often laugh at how Hollywood portrays it as a stuff of absolute silence. Obviously, that is not the case, but that does not discredit what this gun accessory tries to achieve and the science behind it. Until now, we have ably read about the theory on how it works and some of us might even saw the animation of what likely happens when a projectile passed through a suppressor, but nobody actually seen what really happens on the inside. Well, not anymore. Thanks to Smarter Every Day, AKA Destin Sandlin, the world now gets to have a first hand look at how a suppressor actually works.

In his latest video, Destin touched base with firearm suppressor designer/manufacturer, Soteria Suppressors, to offer us an in-depth look at the inner workings of suppressors. How? Steve of Soteria actually made see-through gun suppressors for the purpose of research and development. With see-through suppressors, Soteria can have a clear idea of what really is going on every time a high-speed projectile passes through it and this will in turn allow the designers to improve on the internal structure design for better suppression.

In this video, not only will we get to see how the gases are suppressed but we will be able to view in 110,000 fps slow-mo and in glorious, eye-watering 1,440p, or at least 1,080p. Scroll for the said video and enjoy the glorious flashes in ultimate slo-mo.

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Images: Smarter Everyday.

via The Awesomer.

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