We heard Japanese Liberty Walk have been turning out pretty crazy custom rides with their custom aero kits. A look at the company’s latest creation, what we heard might just be true. The custom ride in question, called Nissan GT-K, is based on a K-class Daihatsu Copen. For the uninitiated, Copen is a tiny roadster that, IMHO, barely fits a grown-ass man. Words cannot emphasize how small this car is and if you knew how small it is, you will agree to it into a mini Godzilla is something rather intriguing. Btw, you heard right. Liberty Walks had a Daihatsu Copen slapped on with some pretty serious aeros, turning a previously cute roadster into a menacing mini Nissan GT-R.

And since it is a Kei car, it gets a cheeky renaming from Daihatsu Copen to Nissan GT-K. The ‘K’, which replaces the ‘R’, is of course a nod to its Kei status. You know what they say. Once a Kei, always a Kei. The result is, as you can see, pretty out-of-this-world. I bet Kei car lovers will be all over it. Hell, even a person like me, who barely can fit into this tiny ride, is drooling over the mini Godzilla. The plumped fenders, aggressively sculpted hood, wide front fascia, the big-ass GT wing, and subtle negative cambers coupled with slammed suspension are some seriously nice touches.

Daihatsu Copen-based Nissan GT-K Roadster

Definitely, a drool worthy custom. One thing to note though. The available images released by Japanese car tuner looks rendered. Therefore, we are not quite sure if this thing is even real. Images of this delightful Copen-turn-GT-R were posted on Liberty Walk’s Facebook page which we noted among the many hashtags used, “J Nation” was one of them. This, according to our source’s opinion, it could mean that this is a show car destined for the domestic car show featuring all manners of cars organized by Liberty Walk, happening on the October 9 at Okuibuki Motor Park.

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Whatever it is, we hope it will be a kit which Copen owners can acquire. So, what do you think? Is Liberty Walk’s “Nissan GT-K” worthy of the name (in terms of looks, of course), or was the Nissan Juke GT-R from 2012 a more suited candidate for the prestigious GT-R badge?

Daihatsu Copen-based Nissan GT-K Roadster

Images: Liberty Walk.

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