on sale now: futuristic high wheel bicycle for $3,600

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(image credit: YikeBike) YikeBike | US$3,595.00 | www.yikebike.com

the world was introduced to the YikeBike last year and for those who are still drooling over it, now you have the opportunity to own the YikeBike for a handsome sum of $3,595. constructed out of carbon fiber, this electric foldable bike weighs in at 10.8 kg and has a top speed of 23 km/h. not exactly fast but considering riding it without a handle upfront, it’s kind of er… scary.
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the YikeBike’s big wheel upfront and tiny wheel at the rear reminisce of the yesteryear high wheel bicycle, first introduced in 1870. though, the YikeBike was much more petite and futuristic looking. i think we will all look like future-being when riding on one. on a single full charge, this electric bike has a range of 10 km, which is hardly something to shout about.

the YikeBike is designed to be ‘compact-able’ which means it can be folded to a much compact size for storage. for the hefty $3,595 price tag, your YikeBike will comes with a charger with charger cord (naturally, of course), a carrying strap and a toolkit with tire inflation adapter and allen keys. actually, i was expecting something more out that price tag, not to mention a longer range than 10km.

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(image credit: YikeBike)

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(image credit: YikeBike)

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(image credit: YikeBike)

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