EMILY can reach distressed swimmers faster

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(image credit: Hydronalix) Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard | from US$3,500.00 | hydronalix.com

rescuing distressed swimmers in the open water proves to be a daunting task. traditionally, beaches has lifeguards to swim out to the distressed swimmers, which might be a little too late. another alternative is to deploy jet ski, but jet ski is cumbersome to deploy and it also runs the risk of hitting the distressed swimmers.
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in comes the EMILY or Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard. EMILY is designed and manufactured by Hydronalix and is touted to be deployable in 30 seconds. essentially, EMILY is a 1.37 meter long remote controlled lifesaving craft which swims out to reach distressed swimmer. the troubled swimmer would then hold on to EMILY and be transported back to the beach safely. EMILY has an onboard camera and a two-way radio, allowing the rescued swimmer to communicate with the shore operator.

there are two ways in which EMILY can return to the shore. it can return by its own power using remote control or if a tow line is attached, it can be towed back to safety. there are a few version of this craft and there are plans to have an improved version which will be lighter and has a higher top speed.

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(image credit: Hydronalix)

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