Given how we admire what Katalis did with electric bike, we felt the need to feature its latest creation: Spacebar. The Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter is unlike Katalis Company’s previous creations, the EV.500 and EV-1K. The former was about retro-style sophistication while the latter inclined more towards the anime vibe.

Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter

Speaking anime vibe, the Katalis Spacebar 1.2K, too, has that vibe. And this anime vibe is even stronger with this new bike. It feels like it could have a place in Tokyo-3. Perhaps it was the graphics that made it so, or it could it has the Honda Motocompo kind of spirit that lends it the anime flair.

That said, it is almost like the Motocompo. Spacebar is tiny; it under 4 feet 8 inches long and tips the scales at just 132 lbs (60 kilograms) and like the Motocompo, the bars can be folded down to fit into trunk of subcompact car. But that’s where the similarity ends.

Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter

Spacebar is a modern machine powered by a modern drivetrain, a 1200 W motor juiced by a 48V lithium battery. This combination affords it a modest range of 60 kilometers and a top speed of 50 km/h. It really is the last mile ride and yet not really that small to be feel threatened by other road users. OK, may just a little.

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Not going to lie. I am enamored by Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter and absolutely love to have one.

Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter

But ‘love to have one’ does not equates to ‘need to have one’ and so, for now, I am just cool looking at pictures, which you can do so too by hitting up Katalis’ Instagram page. And oh, there’s a special edition model created with KAMENGSKI which is equally a delight to see.

Images: Katalis Company.


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