Luxury designer fashion brand selling gadgets is not new. More often than not, these fashion-branded gadgets are pretty unremarkable; they are mostly regular looking devices with the designer brand’s name slapped on it. Case in point: LV‘s very own Horizon TWS earbuds. Not with the Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker, though.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker

Not going to lie. The Parisian fashion label managed to surprised us. The Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker IS a head turner. Not just because LV has a wireless speaker. It has a design that will turn heads before people realized what they were looking at – thanks to its UFO-ish aesthetic. It is striking alright. Very striking.

The round, spinning top-shaped design is not just for show; it is functional, offering 360-degree audio when set on the included dock/stand. Users can also choose to direct the sound to a certain direction by laying the speaker on its side. An unorthodox methods, but cool concept nonetheless.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker

The speaker further touts a built-in subwoofer and as the product name implies, has light up feature, specifically the letters around the sides. The latter will response to the beat of the music for some eye-candy.

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The device will support a variety of streaming protocols, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and finally, rounding up the package is a leather strap because, any other material for strap will be too cheap to be the name Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker

The Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker is set to launch on July 30. The price is, however, unknown, but rest assure the sticker will most definitely befit its brand name.

P.S. It looks like Louis Vuitton has pulled the story on this speaker originally posted on its official website.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker

Images: Louis Vuitton.


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