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U Safe May Make Wet Bodied Beach Lifeguards A Thing Of The Past

Call it a drone, remote control lifesaver, unmanned sea vehicle, or whatever, the U Safe from Portugal-based Noras Performance may just end the days of wet-bodied beach lifeguards. U Safe is a remotely control lifesaver (or life preserver, if you will) that lets lifeguard gets to and save a person in trouble in the sea without putting him/herself at risks. It is much like the AEF Electric Bodyboard we saw last month, but with a life-saving purpose as its only focus. Continue reading U Safe May Make Wet Bodied Beach Lifeguards A Thing Of The Past

Here’s A Leisure Electric Bodyboard From China’s FZBlue

Here are a pair of bodyboards which you may have not heard of from China’s “water entertainment products, marine rescue facilities and unmanned waterborne systems” maker, FZBlue. The first is called AEF Electric Bodyboard a bodyboard style, electrically-powered flotation device for leisure and the second, called UEF, is the lifesaver variant of the first. Continue reading Here’s A Leisure Electric Bodyboard From China’s FZBlue

Wrist-worn Inflatable Can Save You From Drowning with a Pull of a Lever

According to WHO, drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide with some 372,000 recorded deaths. Sadly, Tom Agapiades’s good friend was among that statistic which prompted Tom to invent Kingii, a wrist-worn inflatable device that aims to prevent such tragedy from happening to anyone. Unlike life vest which could be cumbersome, thus resulting in people shunning it, Kingii is designed to worn at all time while not obstructing your activity, or should we say, not covering up your awesome six-pack abs. Basically, what Kingii does is equipping you with a floatation device, ready to be activated when you meet with trouble in the water. Continue reading Wrist-worn Inflatable Can Save You From Drowning with a Pull of a Lever

Kymera Electric Jet Board

remember the uber cool electric-powered bodyboard, Kymera Electric Jet Board? well, it might be a dream no more for those who are game enough to give it a go and have at least $2,500 to throw. the folks behind this awesome who-needs-the-wave-anyway bodyboard has taken it to Kickstarter, seeking your support to make it a reality. weighing about 22 kg (48 lbs), this roto molded polyurethane hull watercraft is fitted with a 1000W RMS brushless motor, juiced by a removable 100 watt-hour lithium polymer battery, allowing you to sail through the water at a top speed of 15 mph (24 km/h, or 13 knots for you sea-faring geeks) and has a range of up to 6 miles (9.6 km) in per charge. Continue reading Kymera Electric Jet Board

Kymera Electric Jet Board

body board – we bet you didn’t think it has any use beside hitting the waves? actually, it has more meaningful use if it is motorized. any avid body boarder would even tell you that they wished their body boards are powered so that their leisurely fun will not be at the mercy of Mother Nature. you know how it goes: no wind equals no waves. this is where the Kymera Electric Jet Board can help. the goal is simple: getting body boarder in motion even without the aid of waves while not adding to the environment burdens. Continue reading Kymera Electric Jet Board

BLADEFISH 7000 Turbo Sea Jet

BLADEFISH 7000 Turbo
(photos: BLADEFISH) BLADEFISH 7000 Turbo | £749.99 | bladefish.co.uk

as sleek as the BLADEFISH 7000 Turbo might look, it is not going save your ass if you are being chased by the man-eating great white shark, a creature that can effortlessly reach a top speed of 25 mph. instead, this four-speed sea jet’s 280W motor powered by a 18V lithium-ion will propels you through the water at a leisurely pace of 6.5 km/h (4 mph) to a depth of up to 40 meters (131 feet). a fast charge, though no specific timing were given, offers you up to two hours of underwater exploration and it is has a positive buoyancy, ensuring that it will not sink into the deep blue in case you lose grip of it. Continue reading BLADEFISH 7000 Turbo Sea Jet

the inflatable wetsuit is like a parachute for water

Billabong V1 Wetsuit 544x368px
(credit: Shane Dorian/Billabong) Billabong V1 Wetsuit | US$tba | www.billabong.com

in the air, we have parachutes as a safety measure but what if you were pinned down by big waves in the water? Shane Dorian, one of the best big wave surfers on the planet has the answer for that. his invention is the world’s first inflatable wetsuit. think of it as a parachute for water but instead of bringing you down safely, it aims to bring pinned down surfer (or anyone for any reason) safely to the surface. this innovative idea struck Shane back in 2010 where he was nearly drowned when he was pushed down 25-feet below the surface, only to be held there by two more big waves. with this idea in his head, Shane contacted Billabong wetsuit designer Hub Hubbard and the rest is history. Continue reading the inflatable wetsuit is like a parachute for water

PoolJet could be a perfect companion to Sea Squirts

PoolJet 544x388px
(credit: Pooljet) PoolJet – Kids’ Underwater Scooter | £99.99 | www.firebox.com

PoolJet isn’t exactly the newest of the new products but the fact is, it is touted as the “new improved model for 2011” that is worth for me to post it here. before you kids really get their hand on swimming, PoolJet could be the helpful assistant in helping them to do so. well, you can always hold them and teach them to swim or you could let your kids have all the fun while learning by themselves or least encourages them to love the water this summer. Continue reading PoolJet could be a perfect companion to Sea Squirts

let kids stay afloat and learn to swim with Sea Squirts

Opa Cove Sea Squirt 544x300px
(credit: Opa Cove via Gizmag) Sea Squirt life vest and swim assist | from US$59.95 | www.opacove.com

there are many things a kid have to learn as part of the process of growing up. among the many things is probably the favorite of all kids: swimming or perhaps just dabbling in a pool or seaside. whatever place, you can’t deny that water is a pretty dangerous game and you will make your child wear a life vest or some form of buoyancy equipment. seriously, if i were the kids of today, i would be too be embarrassed to put those ugly orange vest on. Opa Cove has perfect solution that will make your kids looking forward to wear a life vest. no kidding. even i want to have one so that i can play out my fantasy of becoming a GRRREAT white. Continue reading let kids stay afloat and learn to swim with Sea Squirts

EMILY can reach distressed swimmers faster

Hydronalix EMILY img1 544px
(image credit: Hydronalix) Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard | from US$3,500.00 | hydronalix.com

rescuing distressed swimmers in the open water proves to be a daunting task. traditionally, beaches has lifeguards to swim out to the distressed swimmers, which might be a little too late. another alternative is to deploy jet ski, but jet ski is cumbersome to deploy and it also runs the risk of hitting the distressed swimmers. Continue reading EMILY can reach distressed swimmers faster