Kymera Electric Jet Board

body board – we bet you didn’t think it has any use beside hitting the waves? actually, it has more meaningful use if it is motorized. any avid body boarder would even tell you that they wished their body boards are powered so that their leisurely fun will not be at the mercy of Mother Nature. you know how it goes: no wind equals no waves. this is where the Kymera Electric Jet Board can help. the goal is simple: getting body boarder in motion even without the aid of waves while not adding to the environment burdens.

however, for this electric version of the Kymera, its creator has another thing in mind other than leisure body boarding: the Kymera Electric Jet Board is designed specifically with search and rescue or lifeguard deployment in mind without the associated harmful emission. measuring 6′ 2″ long, 24″ wide, 8″ thick at the thickest portion and weighing in at 48 pounds (about 22 kg), this potential lifesaver is powered by a custom water-cooled 6000w brushless motor and has an hour of run time.

adding to its eco-friendliness is its onboard solar panels that allows the board to reach full charge in 3.5 hours. alternatively, operator can choose to charge via a generator or the grid, which takes about an hour. the Kymera Electric Jet Board is completing its testing phase in which they are working with Marin Fire/Search and Rescue.

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