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Here’s A Leisure Electric Bodyboard From China’s FZBlue

Here are a pair of bodyboards which you may have not heard of from China’s “water entertainment products, marine rescue facilities and unmanned waterborne systems” maker, FZBlue. The first is called AEF Electric Bodyboard a bodyboard style, electrically-powered flotation device for leisure and the second, called UEF, is the lifesaver variant of the first. Continue reading Here’s A Leisure Electric Bodyboard From China’s FZBlue

Kymera Electric Jet Board

remember the uber cool electric-powered bodyboard, Kymera Electric Jet Board? well, it might be a dream no more for those who are game enough to give it a go and have at least $2,500 to throw. the folks behind this awesome who-needs-the-wave-anyway bodyboard has taken it to Kickstarter, seeking your support to make it a reality. weighing about 22 kg (48 lbs), this roto molded polyurethane hull watercraft is fitted with a 1000W RMS brushless motor, juiced by a removable 100 watt-hour lithium polymer battery, allowing you to sail through the water at a top speed of 15 mph (24 km/h, or 13 knots for you sea-faring geeks) and has a range of up to 6 miles (9.6 km) in per charge. Continue reading Kymera Electric Jet Board

Kymera Electric Jet Board

body board – we bet you didn’t think it has any use beside hitting the waves? actually, it has more meaningful use if it is motorized. any avid body boarder would even tell you that they wished their body boards are powered so that their leisurely fun will not be at the mercy of Mother Nature. you know how it goes: no wind equals no waves. this is where the Kymera Electric Jet Board can help. the goal is simple: getting body boarder in motion even without the aid of waves while not adding to the environment burdens. Continue reading Kymera Electric Jet Board