remember the uber cool electric-powered bodyboard, Kymera Electric Jet Board? well, it might be a dream no more for those who are game enough to give it a go and have at least $2,500 to throw. the folks behind this awesome who-needs-the-wave-anyway bodyboard has taken it to Kickstarter, seeking your support to make it a reality. weighing about 22 kg (48 lbs), this roto molded polyurethane hull watercraft is fitted with a 1000W RMS brushless motor, juiced by a removable 100 watt-hour lithium polymer battery, allowing you to sail through the water at a top speed of 15 mph (24 km/h, or 13 knots for you sea-faring geeks) and has a range of up to 6 miles (9.6 km) in per charge. it is capable of accommodating up to a 220 lbs (100 kg) rider with a maximum height of 6′ 2″ (or about 1.88 meters). understandably, if you are any taller, it should also be operational, but the drag will no doubt hurt its run time. speaking of which, the performance of the Kymera is also dependent on the rider’s weight too. the board measures a little under 2 meters (76 inches) and should be able to fit into most SUV or goes onto the roof rack without much trouble, making transportation a breeze without costly rigs. as for the design, it has definitely matured since the last we saw it. instead of the previous, fatten surfboard style design, the latest iteration is sleeker and has a more streamlined, carved out lines. to propel this watercraft, all you need is to activate the trigger throttle control, while directions are controlled by lean steering. scroll down for a couple of videos, or head on to Kymera website to learn more about the Kymera Electric Jet Board.

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