PoolJet could be a perfect companion to Sea Squirts

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(credit: Pooljet) PoolJet – Kids’ Underwater Scooter | £99.99 | www.firebox.com

PoolJet isn’t exactly the newest of the new products but the fact is, it is touted as the “new improved model for 2011” that is worth for me to post it here. before you kids really get their hand on swimming, PoolJet could be the helpful assistant in helping them to do so. well, you can always hold them and teach them to swim or you could let your kids have all the fun while learning by themselves or least encourages them to love the water this summer.
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its buoyant design ensure that your child stays afloat while holding it, and the lithium-ion battery powered safe motor helps propel you child around the water. sure sounds like tons of fun and it certainly makes me want to grab one myself. yes, i am not ashamed to say that. if combined with the Sea Squirt life vest, it would almost certainly makes me want to be a kid again. awesome stuff. a four and half hours charge would give your child between 20 to 30 mins of fun time in the water.

the PoolJet doesn’t not come cheap though. it will set you back at £99.99 (US$165) and is available for pre-order on Firebox.

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