let kids stay afloat and learn to swim with Sea Squirts

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(credit: Opa Cove via Gizmag) Sea Squirt life vest and swim assist | from US$59.95 | www.opacove.com

there are many things a kid have to learn as part of the process of growing up. among the many things is probably the favorite of all kids: swimming or perhaps just dabbling in a pool or seaside. whatever place, you can’t deny that water is a pretty dangerous game and you will make your child wear a life vest or some form of buoyancy equipment. seriously, if i were the kids of today, i would be too be embarrassed to put those ugly orange vest on. Opa Cove has perfect solution that will make your kids looking forward to wear a life vest. no kidding. even i want to have one so that i can play out my fantasy of becoming a GRRREAT white.
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Opa Cover’ s Sea Squirt line of neoprene life vest and swim assist are designed to look like marine life complete with a flexible ‘grab-me’ fin on the back. there are six designs: Killa Whale, Blue Dolphin, Grrreat White Shark, Clownfish, Pink Dolphin and Angelfish. constructed of durable neoprene with tech fabric liner, the vest is easy on the child’s skin and it not keeps the child afloat but also act as a good warmth layer. the playful design also lets the kids get carried away with creative play. on the other end, the swim assist is similar to the life vest version but features three removal floatation panels on its back. they can be removed through a Velcro opening in the back as the child becomes more proficient in swimming. eventually when all three panels are removed, the can be turned into costumes for the pool, beach or even the bathtub. so it will not be wasted after all, until, of course, when your child outgrown the vest.

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the Sea Squirts are available in three sizes and are designed for child age 2 – 7 years old. the Sea Squirts life vest retails for $69.95 while the swim assist is up for grab for $59.95. both life vest and swim assist are available on Opa Cove web store.

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