Bone Handle Damascus Steel Folding Knife

If you are in the market for a functional pocket knife that is heirloom worthy, well, then may we suggest you check out the Buffalo Bone Handle 8.5-inch Damascus Steel Folding Knife by Frontier Blades.

The Maryland-based company deals in all-thing blades and then some. They sell collective knives, swords, hunting products and self-defense stuff. But what caught our eyes was actually this: Bone Handle Damascus Steel Folding Knife.

This little guy features a 8.5-inch double-edged Damascus folding blade forged by hand and heat treated. The blade and its timeless buffalo bone handle enables it to perform a variety of tasks, from cutting and slicing to piercing.

The combination of the Damascus steel blade and the bone handle truly makes this knife heirloom worthy.

The best part is, Frontier Blades has shaved off nearly 60 percent from the original price. So, instead of paying for $139.95, you only pay $58 now.

We are not affiliated, btw, – we just thought this bone + Damascus combo looks pretty stunning. We do not know how long this discount will last, so if you want it at this price, it is better to act on it soon.

Images: Frontier Blades.

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Submitted via TIP US Page.