This off-road vehicle is not the usual quad bike associated with all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, and yet, it is kind of like an ATV. The Electric All-terrain Pendular Quadricycle, as it is called, is an electric vehicle that is designed to take on tough, off-road terrains like grassy hills, dirt embankments, and more.

It features an innovative design involving a low CG nacelle and articulated wheels. The latter enables each wheel to negotiates slope differences independently. TBH, it felt like it has legs, but with wheels for feet.

The Electric All Terrain Pendular Quadricycle

The driver’s nacelle is intentionally designed to title with the wheels as the vehicle takes on corners or traverse a slope. Like I have said, it is kind of like an ATV, but unlike any we have seen. It has four wheel steer, affording it with precise control regardless of the terrains you throw at it.

I know, how it works can sound rather confusing – especially the patented pendular movement which it touts, but it does not matter once you see it in action which you can do so by catching the video at the end of the post.

Another interesting feature is, unlike a quad bike, it has all the control on the steering wheel. That, together with the nacelle, allows wheelchair bound person to enjoy the thrill of off-roading too which is super cool.

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However, as cool as it might be, this off-roader does not come cheap – not even remotely cheap. Expect the Electric All-terrain Pendular Quadricycle to run you back at a cool $15,000 – the price of a small car in some countries.

Images: Hammacher Schlemmer.

Source: GeekAlerts.

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