there are three types of paintball players: the run-through type who love the idea of mad dash risk; the disciplined type who prefer timed and strategized moves; and the patience type, who prefers to hide behind cover and pick off the opponents silently (well, almost). if you belongs to the latter, you would also understand what you need: a good spot, good camouflage and cover, and a reliable and accurate paintball sniper rifle, preferably one with the range. we can’t help you with the former two, but as for the latter, you can always snag yourself the SAR12 Paintball Sniper Rifle and do it like a real pro. just like the real world sniper rifle, it uses a patent pending bolt action operation and has a host of (paintball) sniper-delightful features include a 20″ hammerhead rifled barrel, integrated 13ci/3000 air system, uses 12-round magazine, ambidextrous magazine release, both CO2 and HPA compatible, a 12″ free-floating fore grip, AR15 Mil-Spec grip, a 6061-T6 aluminum upper receiver, and a military-pretty construction comprising of fiber and aluminum reinforced polyurethane.

beauty aside, this guy is totally wicked; it is capable of sending .68 caliber paintballs up to 100 yards (91 meters) downrange with extreme accuracy. in short, it is game-deadly – all for a price tag of $999 and that’s not including the semi-auto engine, scope and bipod. it does come with a hard case, though and a two-year warranty. made in the US of A. have a few more look in the gallery below.

Carmatech Engineering via HiConsumption

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