when we first heard about the Scrooser Electric Scooter, we didn’t expect it to look like this. seriously, it doesn’t even look a bit remotely like an electric vehicle. our first impression was, it was a macro-size skatescooter (but it does have seat, though – so i guess that really makes it a scooter after all). so where’s the engine? where’s the battery module? one might ask. well, the secret of the Scrooser’s propulsion lies within the fat wheels which hides away a 1,000W hub motor, juiced by a 48V, 20Ah Lithium-ion battery, bestowing it with a top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h) and a range of up to 22 miles (35 km). one way to look at the Scrooser is, think of it as a pedelec or pedal electric bicycle of sort, except that this plump ride here requires some kicking to get it going instead of pedals. though it is still essentially a fully electric propelled vehicle.

it sports an aluminum frame and is capable of hauling a rider of up to 275 pounds (125 kilograms – hey, i am qualified!), but the scooter itself is pretty lightweight – tipping the scale at just 61 pounds, or about 28 kilograms – making it easy to move around even if you are not relying on its green power. stopping power comes from a front hydraulic disc brake, as well as an internal electric motor brake. there’s no mention of regenerative braking, so we can assume that it isn’t equipped with one. according to its maker, Scrooser Manufactory, the battery is good for up to 25 days on regular use and it takes between an hour to 3.5 hours to fully juiced. the folks have taken the Scrooser to Barcelona for trials and it was there that it had the honor of being nicknamed the Harley Davidson of the sidewalk. sounds pretty rad, doesn’t it?

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awesome design. eco-friendly. no traffic rules to adhere to. we can’t see what’s not to love about the Scrooser, really, well, except maybe for its princely sticker of $3,950 or more. btw, it’s on Kickstarter with a rather ambitious $120,000 funding goal. speaking of which, you might want to check out their pitch video below to, you know, convince yourself why you should part with nearly 4 grand of your hard earn dough for a guilt-free sidewalk ride.

Kickstarter via Gear Moose

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