These days, electric vehicle is the buzzword. It could be a nightmare for petrol heads. But fear not for those who don’t desire huge instant torque that enables a family-orientated sedan out run a supercar because, Gordon Murray is still working on the good old gasoline engine supercar.

Gordon Murray T.50 Supercar

Called T.50, Gordon Murray has boldly claimed that its superlative exotic ride is engineered to be the most driver-centric supercar ever built. In short, it is a center-drive car. You know the McLaren F1?

In a recent press release which we were lucky to receive, Gordon Murray gave us a good look at both the exterior and interior of the car. Under the hood, it packs a bespoke 3.9L V12 motor that it claims as the “world’s lightest, highest-revving, most power dense naturally-aspirated road car engine.”

Gordon Murray T.50 Supercar

If that’s not enough, the 668 PS that the motor generates only need to push forth a car that weighs just 986 kilograms (2,174 lbs). In car terms, that is barely weighing anything. And guess how “high-revving” it is? 12,100 RPM. No, it is not a motorcycle.

T.50 also boasts the most advanced and effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road car – aided by, wait for it… a 400 mm rear-mounted fan. Wait, what???

Ladies and gents…. meet the fan:

Gordon Murray T.50 Supercar

If that’s exotic (read: strange) enough, it also features Direct Path Induction Sound that directs the “throttle-induced induction growl into the cabin.” So, it is not only fast, but also wants you to feel the power in a tangible way.

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Obviously, there are more to it, but we shall let you explore this exotic ride yourself over at Gordon Murray Automotive’s website.

Gordon Murray T.50 Supercar

Before you go, you may want to know that the car will be built, and only 100 units, at Gordon Murray Automotive’s production site in the U.K. Yes, it is for sale. Needless to say, only the super rich should be even thinking about it because, T.50 will cost you a cool £2.36m (or US$3.1m) – before taxes.

All images courtesy of Gordon Murray Automotive.

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