This is the World’s First Double-barrel Air Cartridge Paintball Pistol and It Looks Kind of Awesome

The Goblin Deuce Double-barrel Paintball Pistol probably won’t let you have the upper hand in a paintball battle, but it will come in handy in close quarter situations, assuming you haven’t been shot yet. Billed as the world’s first double-barrel air cartridge paintball pistol, Deuce is based of the outfit’s SOLO and is available in …

Unleash A Barrage Of Paintballs At Thy Enemy With This WWII Heavy Machine Gun Replica

if brute assault and flanking are not your forte on the paintball battlefield, perhaps you should consider enrolling yourself into the support team and if you so choose to, then the Breda M37 Paint Machine Gun by Rap4 would be a worthy contender as the weapon of choice for your new found career in your …

Strikeloader Paintball Ammo Loader Backpack

unlike computer games, paintball doesn’t have cheats that enables unlimited ammo. that’s a reality that we have to face – until now. with the Strikeloader Paintball Ammo Loader Backpack, it is the real life, made-for-paintball “god mode” that equips you around 1,200 paintball ammo without the need for cumbersome and often

SAR12 Paintball Sniper Rifle

there are three types of paintball players: the run-through type who love the idea of mad dash risk; the disciplined type who prefer timed and strategized moves; and the patience type, who prefers to hide behind cover and pick off the opponents silently (well, almost). if you belongs to the latter, you would also understand what you need: a good spot,