unlike computer games, paintball doesn’t have cheats that enables unlimited ammo. that’s a reality that we have to face – until now. with the Strikeloader Paintball Ammo Loader Backpack, it is the real life, made-for-paintball “god mode” that equips you around 1,200 paintball ammo without the need for cumbersome and often risky, reloading procedure. granted it is not exactly the “cheat” that would enable true unlimited ammunition or protects you against enemies fire (which means, goggles and other protections are still a must), but having six times more ammo with no reloading required does immediately give you an edge in any paintball battlefield.

designed as a slimline backpack where you can wear as a backpack with strap mounts or attached to select tactical vests using an adapter, the Strikeloader features a battery pack that has enough juice to pump out over 10,000 balls at a rate of 42 balls per second (bps). a flexible, metal-reinforced hose serves as the passageway for the ammo to travel from the automatic loader to your gas-powered paintball gun (aka marker) without losing momentum. its maker promised that the hose will not impede your movement and the auto loader is packed with enough raw power to allow virtually any position of fire (upside-down, sideways, overhead et cetera). with the Strikeloader, it also means eliminating the unsightly egg-like ammo chamber that not only hinders the user’s line of sight, but also increases the player’s silhouette and adds unnecessary center gravity which is the main culprit in attributing to the awkward handling of the markers.

the maker of Strikeloader Paintball Ammo Loader Backpack is currently on crowdfunding platform RocketHub seeking $250,000 to fund the development and production. you can secure yourself one by making a pledge of $269 or more via the product’s RocketHub page. the deal sweetener here is, Strikeloader will be made regardless of whether the project hits the funding goal or not. see the Strikeloader in action, along with a product pitch video below.

Strikeloader via Gizmag

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